20/8/19 Yoga as a Workout

You may have heard seasoned yogis say that yoga is more than a workout. I agree with that statement. Yoga has contributed to a major positive contribution to my lifestyle and the lifestyles of countless other people I know. However, I also don’t believe that there is anything wrong with thinking of yoga as a great all-encompassing form of exercise that also just happens to leave us feeling calmer. Yoga offers something for everyone and if a good workout is what you are after, it might be the solution for you.
Some people, particularly those who are very physically active on a daily basis due to their line of work or because of other exercise, might choose a weekly Yin & Restore practice to get a good stretch and to help them calm their minds. Others might see yoga as an opportunity to enjoy exercise that doesn’t leave them huffing and puffing but might still get their heart rate up during an Energy Flow class. Our time is precious and although physical fitness is important, some of us might not enjoy lifting weights or running; however, several rounds of Sun Salutations-inspired flows provide a fantastic cardio and endurance workout while toning and lengthening our muscles. Although my yoga practice reminds me to be a calmer, more serene and collected version of myself, it also continues to give me a stronger and more mobile body, and I can’t deny that I love that aspect of the practice.
Whatever your reason for choosing yoga, it is valid. Yoga is versatile. At times, the more experienced practitioners choose to spend half of an active class in child’s pose. At other times, someone recovering from strain-related injuries might choose a gentle yoga class as a means of rehabilitation in lieu of a more strenuous method of exercise.
So, if you want a bit of relaxation, we have a gentle class for you. If you are after a great workout, we have a more challenging class for you. We are able to adapt all classes to your level of experience and help you to meet your goals. All that we request is that you continue to ask yourself the reason why you choose to practice the way you do. That inner enquiry-based dialogue brings us back, over and over, to the greater intention behind why we show up to the mat.
What is the intention behind your practice? Please feel free to share it with us. Our five-week block of classes starts next Monday, 26th August. Please take a look at the timetable on our website and contact us to enrol or to enquire about class options that would suit you best.
Wishing you a beautiful week,
Katia and the team at 3118 Yoga

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