13/8/19 Yogi Spotlight: Meet Leanne

This month, Leanne is in the Yogi Spotlight. Leanne joined 3118 Yoga immediately after we opened our doors and quickly became a regular. It’s always a pleasure to see her smiling face at the studio and a privilege to have her share her wellness journey with us.

How long have you been practising yoga?

I’ve been practising yoga off and on over a few years but haven’t been serious until the opening of  3118 Yoga.

How were you first introduced to yoga? 

I had an opportunity to go to a health retreat in Australia, Gwinganna and this is where I experienced some classes.

What styles of yoga do you enjoy most, and why?

I seem to enjoy different styles of yoga as this gives me variation for my body and mind. As I learn more and more about the practice, each time I do a position or flow, I seem to get a different experience depending on what/where I’m concentrating. Sometimes I have a full out ‘workout,’ sometimes it’s an awesome stretch, and at other times it is a lovely comforting time just for me.

What challenges has yoga presented to you or continues to present to you?

Challenges for me are to stay focused in the moment and to breathe. Another thing I have been learning is to feel okay about how I look in a pose. This is definitely a personal thing for me to deal with and I find 3118 Yoga a really great place to feel accepted. There’s no rushing about, no huge groups of people building muscle and checking if they’re doing better than anyone else. The more I go to 3118 Yoga classes, the more I notice I am actively adjusting my posture or controlling my breathing if  I get agitated in everyday life.

What keeps you inspired in your practice? What keeps bringing you back to your yoga mat?

I find that the more I go to yoga, the more my body and mind want me to continue practising. If I miss a class, it feels like something is missing from my day. This came as a surprise to me . I admit it did take about 6-8 classes for this to kick in, so I really encourage anyone wanting this feeling to commit for a couple of months. I love the feeling of my body going that extra bit each time and now my core is strengthening. It’s very rewarding. The simplest of positions, when concentrated on, can give a great inner feeling that I haven’t experienced from any other exercise.

Also, the great instructors at these yoga classes certainly make me want to spend more time in their presence. They are very knowledgeable and  approachable. 

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