15/7/19 Yogi Spotlight: Meet Monique

At 3118 Yoga, we want to know about what brings you to yoga because we want to continue to offer you the best possible experience. We also know firsthand how great it feels to hear the story of a fellow yogi and think, “Hey, me too!” Yoga may be a largely solitary practice, but it can also help to foster connection. For that reason, once a month, we will profile a member of the 3118 Yoga community. 

This week, we sat down with Monique Du Preez, a devoted mum of two young children and dedicated yogini to learn about her experience.

How long have you been practising yoga? 

M: I have been practising for just over 20 years.

How were you first introduced to yoga? 

M: I was urged to join a yoga class by a good friend and alternative healthcare practitioner. At the time, my muscles were so incredibly tight that I was told I was in danger of “folding in on myself.” I remember the body bliss I felt after my first yoga class. Suddenly, for the first time in years, there was space!

What styles of yoga do you enjoy most, and why? 

M: At this point in my life, I am enjoying the slower and gentler styles of yoga. I love the meditative and reflective aspect of the slower styles. Perhaps in Spring I’ll move towards a slightly faster paced flow practice if my body feels receptive.

What challenges has yoga presented to you or continues to present to you? 

M: My yoga practice is constantly evolving. What started as a purely physical practice has evolved into so much more. The beauty and simultaneous challenge of my practice is that it quietly demands being present and paying attention.

What keeps you inspired in your practice?

M: I am inspired by the bliss I experience during and after my practice. The space I feel in my body and mind when practising ensures that I always keep coming back to yoga.

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