25/6/19 Mid-Year Reflections

We are now officially on the other side of the Winter Solstice and the days are starting to grow longer. In just a few days, we will enter the second half of 2019. These seasonal landmarks offer an opportunity for us to check in with any intentions that we may have set at the start of the year and verify whether they are still the same or may have evolved over the past few months.
If you enjoy journaling, you may choose to set aside some time to write your reflections. However, even taking a few minutes to sit in silent mental contemplation of these questions can be of benefit.
You may ask yourself the following:

  • What were my intentions at the start of the year?
  • Do these intentions still resonate for me at this time?
  • What changes (if any) have I experienced within the past few      months that may have altered the course of my journey?
  • What am I most looking forward to in the upcoming few months?
  • What new intentions would I like to set for myself as I look ahead?

The reason most people do not believe in resolutions of any kind is because resolutions most often focus on external validation, on ‘should’s that stem from what someone else might be doing and what others might expect from us. Instead, we owe it to ourselves to focus on what would serve us best. Intentions are most powerful when we zoom in on how we want to feel. We can then set about implementing changes that will be best aligned with what will benefit us most on a deeper level.
Here’s to an excellent start of the rest of the year!
Katia and the team at 3118 Yoga

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